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Guide to hymenopterans

Focusing on fine photography, taxonomy and short descriptions of ants, bees, and wasps.

Non-profit educational organizations are welcome to use unmodified images.

Apis mellifera, honey bee Xylocopa virginica, Eastern Carpenter Bee Bombus impatiens, Common Eastern Bumble Bee
Apis mellifera
(in geochembio/biology/organisms)
Xylocopa virginica
Bombus impatiens
Polistes metricus, paper wasp Vespa crabro, European hornet Bombus perplexus, perplexing bumble bee hornet
Polistes metricus
Vespa crabro Bombus perplexus
Polistes exclamans, common paper wasp Sphecius speciosus, cicada killer  
Polistes exclamans
Sphecius speciosus




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