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Guide to grasshopers, crickets, and katydids

Focusing on fine photography, taxonomy and short descriptions of grasshopers, crickets, and katydids.

Non-profit educational organizations are welcome to use unmodified images.

Gryllus pennsylvanicus, fall field cricket Melanoplus differentialis, differential grasshopper Neduba carinata, keeled shieldback katydid
Gryllus pennsylvanicus Melanoplus differentialis Neduba carinata
Scudderia furcata, fork-tailed katydid Velarifictorus micado, Japanese burrowing cricket Microcentrum rhombifolium, greate angle-wing kyatid
Scudderia furcata Velarifictorus micado Microcentrum rhombifolium
Romalea microptera, Eastern lubber grasshopper Neoconocephalus nebrascensis, Nebraska conehead  
Romalea microptera Neoconocephalus nebrascensis  




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